A new direction for telephone exchanges

The VentureVoIP research and development lab has created the most advanced telecommunications system on the market.

Over half a century of combined experience in the telecommunication sector, and a need to provide our customers with a stable platform for communications led VentureVoIP to develop the VentureVoIP Exchanges.

Exchange Screen Shot

A few key features:

  • Fully white label - your logo and text everywhere
  • Inbuilt postpay and prepay billing platform
  • Weighted Least Cost Routing
  • Customer self management
  • Custom packages simple to create
  • Custom clustering technology
  • White Label ITSP

VentureVoIP's system now available for purchase!

Now that we have been running the system for a few years with VentureVoIP's customers we know that it has received sufficient testing to be able to onsell this solution to partners worldwide.

The system can scale to an unlimited number of customers because of the modular nature in which it was developed.

A system is built out of many machines, all located in different areas and ideally with different Internet providers. This way there is no single point of failure that can bring the system down. In fact, even if the Internet connection fails on a box, customers are still able to use the system, and the clustering will update the other machines once they become available again!

Exchange Layout
Revenue Sharing

Revenue Sharing Model

VentureVoIP has started a new model for it's telephone exchanges.

Revenue Sharing.

So, what's this all about? Basically instead of paying between US$50K to US$500K, you can get our Telephone Exchanges for free. The way that it works is that we provide you with all of the software and support to set up your own ITSP service, and in exchange, you give us a share of the profit. Simple as that - no upfront software costs and you instantly have a market leading ITSP solution with your own branding.

We are able to enter negotiations for exclusivity in particular markets depending on the volume.

If this sounds like something which would interest you, get in contact with us and we'll get the ball rolling. Simple isn't it!

Ready to supercharge your business?

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