A Long History Of Call Centre Development

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Our Call Centre Solutions

Outbound Call Centres and Predictive Dialling

We have been producing call centre solutions for maximizing the effiency of your staff when you are making outbound calls.

The main solutions we provide for this are our SmoothTorque Predictive Dialer and our ConduIT3 PABX systems.

Whether you're looking to simply make a few calls to follow up on doctor's reminders or if you need to make hundreds of calls per second to work your way through a list of numbers for debt collection, SmoothTorque is the solution you've been looking for.

Inbound Call Centres

If most of your calls are inbound calls, you'll love the way you can manage them using our inbound call centre solutions.

We also provide extensive reporting and integration to a number of third party applications.

Blended Call Centres

We provide blended call centre solutions through the combination of our outbound call centre solutions and our inbound call center solutions.

You can find more information on the blended call center solutions page.

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