ConduIT3 Enterprise

Unlimited Capabilities

The ConduIT3 Enterprise PABX system is the flagship of the range.

Whether you have 1 office or 100 offices, VentureVoIP will help you in designing a telephony solution to specifically meet your needs.

The options for the ConduIT3 Enterprise are truly amazing. You can have thousands of extensions spread across multiple offices, with answer points distributed based on load.

Pretty much any kind of communications connectivity can be added into the system from ISDN cards to analogue cards and even radio telephony!

Additional Stability

This PABX gives you the extra piece of mind of being able to have your calls go via analogue phone lines if there is a problem with your Internet connection or if the quality of your Internet connection is insufficient.

Your PABX system will constantly check the quality of the Internet connections to our servers, and will automatically reroute calls if there are any issues.

One of the other reasons people buy a system with analogue lines is if they are getting free calls to certain destinations - this means that you can get the best of both worlds!

Real time full visibility

You can view real time information to see calls in progress at any time using the Flash Operator Panel.

This is viewed using any browser and allows you to disconnect and transfer calls if you have access to do so. Transferring a call is as simple as dragging an active call from one icon to another.

Also displayed is the number of voicemail messages in any mail box.

We can also create custom heads up displays using large flat panel displays to continuously provide accurate information on the status of the phone system and any queues it contains.

Save money using your phone system

When you purchase a VentureVoIP PABX system, you are not only getting a state of the art phone system, you're also getting connectivity to the VentureVoIP Telephone Exchange System. Typical installations can see a 60% reduction in overall telecommunications costs by reducing the number of analog lines and significant savings on the cost of each call.

For example, a call to a United States mobile phone is 3 cents per minute. A call to a New Zealand land line is 3.45 cents per minute (anywhere in the country). Without a VentureVoIP telephone system you'll be paying 3.5 cents per minute for a local call and between 11 and 20 cents per minute for a national call.

Increased Productivity

One of the biggest benefits of the VentureVoIP ConduIT PABX is that you are able to greatly improve the way you do business. Not only does this mean that you spend less time doing common tasks, but also that you will be able to do things that weren't previously possible.

Click to dial applications allow you to simply click on a person's details in order to call them.

Combine multiple offices into one answering point. If you have staff directing calls from multiple current locations across a company, you can combine all of this into one place but still allow for extra calls to go to other numbers.

Integration With Existing Systems

One of the key strengths at VentureVoIP is our ability to integrate with existing software and hardware.

We can custom-develop software for you to integrate your phone system into propreitry software.

If you have in-house software developers, we can work with them to provide you what you need to make the most out of communications.

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