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VoIPGMap: Graphing active Asterisk calls on Google Maps

Author: Matt Riddell
Daily Asterisk News
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Markus has posted details of a script he has created to plot calls on a Google map:

Hi list,

I've always wanted to graph my active SIP calls on a map somehow, and now I've finally taken the time to do it. My script is called VoIPGMap and it displays active calls on Google Maps. Logic-wise it's designed for a callthrough or calling card scenario, where calls will be displayed to originate from a single location, but you can surely adjust it to instead show caller and callee location connected.

I think the cool part is that it really tries to get the most accurate coordinates for every destination, down to the city level, by using text (country code, ISO, lat/long) and MySQL (ITU self-compiled DB + MaxMind public DB) based databases, which are included.

Here are some demos:

First I thought about calling it AstGMap but then realized you can simply feed it any form of E.164 numbers so I chose VoIPGMap instead :)
If you feel like rewriting it to PHP or something like that for better performance, please do so. Unfortunately I'm not a programmer or I wouldn't have chosen shellscript. :)

You can get it here:

And if you like it and decide to use the output on the web somewhere, please let me know the URL so that I can check it out, thanks!



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