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Changes in trixbox regarding FreePBX

Author: Matt Riddell
Daily Asterisk News
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It seems TrixBox has tired of paying FreePBX for bugfixes, and will be forking the code and providing a GPL patch set. This allows them to integrate functionality but will be an interesting turn of events for the FreePBX team.

Excerpt from the post:

Many of you should know that the FreePBX project has been a major component of trixbox since it was called AMP (Asterisk Management Portal) back in the days when trixbox was called Asterisk@Home. trixbox CE has grown significantly since then, as has FreePBX, once under the reign of Coalescent Systems, then under Rob Thomas and now the trio of James Scanlin (who is the business guy), another partner (who is mainly silent), and the hard-working (yet only single developer!) Philippe Lindheimer.

To be blunt, there are three reasons why we are making the changes discussed in this letter. And, all three have to do with YOU. You have been asking (for years) for the following:

1. integrated GUI (so it looks professional when you sell it to your customers)
2. faster bug fixing
3. new features

The problem is: no matter how great the lone Philippe is over at FreePBX (and he really is good) there is just no way to accomplish the above whilst the two projects are independent. All too often we have to tell you: “Sorry it’s a FreePBX bug,” or “Sorry, we can’t do that because we don’t write the FreePBX code.” And, when we do dutifully report the bugs (in exhausting detail) back to FreePBX we oft get back a request for large tracts of money to fix the bug. Look: we would love to pay large sums of money to FreePBX. We would love to pay everybody. You get a jet. You get a jet. And, you get a jet (Oprah meets Richard Branson). But, the cold business truth is: we can just barely get trixbox CE to break even. And with the recent decrease of training revenue, it is getting even harder. The truth is that this community is largely built on the premise of *not* paying. So, paying other people to fix bugs is well…just not feasible.


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