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Nerd Vittles: Unlimited U.S. Cell Phone Calls for $5

Author: Matt Riddell
Daily Asterisk News
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Nerd Vittles today provides a tutorial on linking a Sprint cell phone to Asterisk@Home to all but eliminate the cost of outbound cell calls nationwide:

A Marriage Made in Heaven: Sprint Cellphone + Asterisk@Home = Unlimited U.S. Cell Phone Calls for $5

The Nerd Vittles Recipe:

1. Cheapest Sprint Cell Phone Plan - $35
2. PCS to Home Add-On Service - $5
3. Asterisk@Home Server for Linux or Windows ­ FREE!
4. Home Phone Service Switched to BroadVoice or AxVoice BYOD Plan - $9
5. TelaSIP VoIP Unlimited Residential U.S. Calling Plan - $15
6. Nerd Vittles DISA Script ­ FREE!
7. Unlimited Monthly Calls from Home OR your Sprint Cellphone ­ PRICELESS... and FREE!

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